Paul Beardmore
Paul Beardmore
Former Director of Housing
Manchester City Council

Paul was previously Director of Housing and Residential Growth for Manchester City Council. He also held the position of Chief Executive of Manchester Place, a unique delivery vehicle for driving and facilitating residential development in Manchester.

Paul was recently included in Inside Housing's top 30 most influential housing professionals in the UK. A vice chair of the Urban Land Institute, Paul has been particularly pro-active and supportive of the institutional investment market in purpose built residential market rent. This has included a pioneering joint venture partnership with Greater Manchester Pension Fund to deliver on council owned land, new market rent and sale homes in Manchester.

In 2017 Manchester saw the single largest leap in new residential starts on site ever with over 5,000 starts recorded. Through a drive for greater devolvement of funding and powers, Paul took a a lead role in Greater Manchester to enable more residential development to be brought forward at a faster pace across the whole of GM. Part of this drive was to establish a unique partnership with the 26 main housing providers in GM to create a collaborative approach to unlocking their combined residential investment capacity.

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